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Peter Hayes
                                                       Labor Candidate for North Sydney

                                                        Has a Greens-like pathology against
                                                               coal mining.

                                                        Recently tweeted that

                                                               “Aust defence of coal mining and export is in
                                                               the same league as heroin poppy cultivation
                                                               and exports elsewhere”.

Anna Burke
Kelvin Thompson
Meliisa Parke
Retiring Labor MPs

 Also signed the anti-fossil fuel pledge. 16

Katy Gallagher                                         Andrew Woodward
Labor Senator for the ACT                              Labor Candidate for Warringah

 As Chief Minister of the ACT, entered into            This Labor candidate opposes his own party’s
        a Coalition Government with the Greens,                policy on the Adani coal mine and endorses
        which included giving the Greens five Cabinet          the Greens’ policy to oppose it:
                                                        He still endorses a carbon tax, even though
        “The targets that we set in the election               Bill Shorten has conceded Labor got it wrong:
        campaign were the targets that Greens had
        also set, so in that sense, being a green,
        progressive government is a badge that we
        would wear with some pride.” 17

 Ms Gallagher said having sole Green MLA
        Shane Rattenbury as a minister in cabinet had
        also been “smoother than I thought it would
        be …I thought that it would create more
        problems than it has,” she said…

        “Mr Rattenbury said he did not believe his
        ministerial role had lessened his ability to
        represent the ACT Greens.” 18

10 The Greening of Labor
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