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Stephen Hegedus                                             Marg D’Arcy
Labor Candidate for Ryan                                    Labor Candidate for Kooyong

 Believes coal should be “kept in the ground”               Wants the Government to “commit to moving
                                                                    away from coal”:

 Slams the Labor state government over its
        support for Adani:

        “A federal Labor candidate has blasted
        the Queensland government’s approval of
        Australia’s largest coal mine, calling on the rest
        of the state ALP to follow suit… Candidate for
        Ryan Stephen Hegedus said he had written to
        Ms Palaszczuk to say “there will be not much
        point having a job once global warming kicks
        in for real …You seem to misunderstand the
        threat [of climate change] at the expense of
        short-term economic outcomes.” 19

Eric Kerr                                                   Libby Coker
Labor Candidate for Indi                                    Labor Candidate for Corangamite

 Opposed to Adani                                           Disparages Coalition support for coal and
                                                                    approval of Adani:

Lisa Chesters                                               Joanne Ryan
Labor Member for Bendigo                                    Labor Member for Lalor

 Supports banks not providing finance to coal               Disparages Coalition Minister for Resources
        ventures:                                                   for supporting the coal industry:

12 The Greening of Labor
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