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The Labor Party has been dragged radically to the left.
This is because Labor faces an existential threat from the Greens.

 The Greens are challenging Labor in traditional strongholds, forcing Labor to the left.
 Green activists have also infiltrated the Labor Party to force change from the inside.

This document provides details of:

 An incredibly powerful Labor faction – the Labor Environmental Action Network –
       run by Green activists, and which is driving Labor policy.

 Labor running candidates who have previously run for the Greens and who want to
       destroy Australia’s coal mining industry – when Labor claims to be the party of the
       working class.

 Labor adopting Greens policies – on negative gearing, Westconnex, climate change
       and refugees.

 Traditional Labor supporters noting and criticising this radical shift to the left.
 The likelihood of a deal between the Greens and Labor in the event of a hung

       Parliament, forcing Labor even further to the left.

2 The Greening of Labor
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