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“Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke were the public       Its 50% renewable policy has now been
        face of the transformation of modern Labor.               embraced by Mark Butler, the Shadow
        Sensible steps to ensure the protection of the            Environment Minister:
        environment was central to this project.” 4
                                                           Earlier in 2015 it had successfully lobbied both
 Wade’s approach is just as overzealous as the                   Butler and Bill Shorten:
        Greens, reflecting her common links to Bob
        Brown through the Wilderness Society:             3. LEAN’s future policy agenda
                                                          - turn Labor into the Greens
        “Pollution-reduction targets are the main
        game in climate-change policy. The rest is        On a range of issues, LEAN is lobbying to overturn
        detail. … the only measure of ambition is         existing ALP policy in favour of the party adopting
        legislated targets. It is the only way to know    the Greens’ policies. For example:
        if we are bringing down the concentration of      1. Opposed to new coal mining:
        carbon in the atmosphere to a level where life
        can continue to flourish.” 5                        ALP policy is to support new coal mines.
                                                            LEAN and Greens policy is to oppose new
 Her recommended strategy for Labor is to
        out-Green the Greens:                                        coal mines:

        “While minimising the issue and dealing with
        it in government seems attractive, Labor will
        suffer serious brand damage with a weasel
        on climate change. The electorate wants to
        know what we stand for. Our integrity is one
        of the key assets we must demonstrate to win
        their trust. While last in government it was our
        detour into a tactical rather than a conviction-
        based approach on this issue that sowed the
        seeds of the problem it became.” 6

2. LEAN’s policy success so far

 LEAN boasted that it had secured the support
        of 340 ALP branches 7 to lobby for the party
        to adopt a renewable energy target of 50% by
        2030 at the 2015 ALP conference. 8
        It succeeded in this goal. 9

 Its success came despite objections from
        Tony Maher, head of the mining division of
        the CFMEU, who wrote to all Labor MPs and
        to trade unions warning that LEAN’s proposal
        would “increase the cost of electricity for
        manufacturing and ordinary households while
        being a poor tool to reduce Australia’s overall
        global warming emissions”. 10

 LEAN is not modest in boasting about its
        policy influence:

4 The Greening of Labor
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