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4. Opposed to new power stations

                                                   Greens policy is to oppose any new coal
                                                            power stations and close down the
                                                            existing ones.

2. Opposed to coal exports:

3. Opposed to the Adani coal mine:               5. Opposed to the Diesel Fuel Rebate

  ALP policy is to support Adani. The             Labor’s policy is to retain the rebate for the
           Queensland Labor government approved             mining industry.
           the mine.
                                                   LEAN and the Greens both oppose it as a
  LEAN and Greens policy is to oppose Adani:               “fossil fuel subsidy”:

                                                    The hashtag #endfossilfuelsubsidies refers 	
                                                     to an environmentalist campaign that seeks
                                                 	   to single out the mining industry for the
                                                 	   withdrawal of tax concessions and other
                                                     arrangements that apply equally to
                                                 	   all industries.

                                                  The Greens have a specific policy entitled
                                                         “Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies to the Mining
                                                         Industry” 11 which proposes:

                                                 	 o	 Abolishing the diesel fuel rebate 		

                                                 		    for the mining industry (but not for 	

                                                 		    the agriculture industry, to which it 	

                                                 		also applies)

                                                 	 o	  Abolishing depreciation on 		
                                                 		    exploration, which rewards 		
                                                 		    mining companies for oil drilling, 		
                                                 		    coal exploration and more; and

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