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Anne Aly
                                                         Labor Candidate
                                                         for Cowan

                                                          Stood for the Greens at the
                                                                 2007 election. 13

Labor candidates who want                                 Wrote to the PM asking him to let the
to be Greens.                                                    refugees stay, close offshore processing and
                                                                 cease boat “turnbacks”. 15
Sophie Ismail
Labor Candidate for Melbourne                             Terri Butler

 One of the first media reports of Ismail’s                  Labor Member for Griffith
        candidacy described her as “Labor candidate
        for Melbourne admits I look like a Green”.               Opposes the Adani Coal mine that was
                                                                 supported by the State Labor Government.
 Ms Ismail said of herself:                                     Congratulates the Greens for their
                                                                 environment policy (comments on Q&A,
        “Adam Bandt looks like a Labor candidate                 30 May 2016):
        and I look like a Greens candidate… All of               TERRI BUTLER: I don’t support the Adani mine 	
        my friends vote Green, but obviously that                either I’ve got to say. I mean fair play to our
        strategy’s not working… We’re still treating             state...
        asylum seekers appallingly, we still don’t have          RICHARD DI NATALE: Your party does.
        marriage equality...” 14                                 TERRI BUTLER: No, fair play to our state
                                                                 government. They didn’t have much discretion.
 She has the same policy position as the                        They were using laws that had been amended
        Greens on border protection                              by the Newman Government. But I don’t
                                                                 support it and might I say this. It’s great that
Josh Wilson                                                      you have a good policy Richard. It’s absolutely
Labor Candidate for Fremantle                                    fantastic.

 Endorses Greens policies on asylum seekers
        - opposes turnbacks, offshore processing
        and forced Freemantle Council to sign up to
        boycotts, divestment and sanctions against
        offshore detention contractors.

 Appeared prominently at a “Let them Stay”
        rally with the radical “Refugee Rights Action

8 The Greening of Labor
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