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Justine Elliott &                                      Lydia Senior
Janelle Saffin                                         Labor Candidate for Mallee
Labor Member for Richmond &
Labor Candidate for Page                                Opposed to coal mining. Wants to keep it in
                                                               the ground.
 On 24 May, candidates Janelle Saffin and
         Justine Elliott signed up to a campaign to
         ban donations from Fossil Fuel Companies.

 This is clearly inconsistent with their party’s      Aoife Champion
        policy, given that Labor has received          Labor Candidate for Hume
        $3,264,475.00 in donations from such
        companies since 2007.                           Also subscribes to the anti-fossil fuel agenda
                                                               of “”.
 The organisation putting together the
        “Pollution Free Politics” campaign is

 Here they are protesting outside Labor offices

Sharryn Howes                                                                                            9
Labor Candidate for Leichhardt

 Also opposed to the Adani Coal mine:

The Greening of Labor
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