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Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?

Could be but before I turn blond, I’ll stick with less expensive jewels in general to shine. After all, Coco Chanel herself wore fake.

1. choose your jewels according to your outfit

a. With a complicated outfit stay simple

If you have a dress/ top/ jacket that stands out (pattern, details, cut), my recommendations is simply to skip the necklace.

You could also add a necklace with a shape and color that match the dress… but that is much harder to and not needed because we refer to an item that is already stylish.

To complete such an outfit, you can add earrings, bangles and bracelets

– Pattern dress with basic jewel enhancements

Jewels with pattern dress by dresslikeaparisian

– Draped embellished top with basic jewel enhancements

With such a top do not add a necklace, choose basic earrings and add a statement bracelet if you feel like it.

Jewels match with embellished draped top by dresslikeaparisian

– big necklace + lace + complicated cut = too much

– jacket with eye-catching details + evident necklace = too much

b. With a basic outfit dare wearing eccentric jewels

Reine Rosalie necklace

Chunky stacked bracelets

Simple and thin jewels are also a good option of course

2. choose jewels that fit your frame

a. If you have thin joints incredibly tiny jewellery looks very delicate

Briguys on Etsy

Thin jewels get lost on a wider frame.

Bigger jewels will suit you too if you feel like it.

b. If you have thick joints statement jewellery will make you stand out

Nadia Aboulhosn

(The bun is not mandatory).

Gabi Fresh wears a statement necklace

3. Do not jewel overdose

You are not Tiffany’s window display

So here are some fashion equations

a. Pendant earrings = no necklace (or go for a small one)

Here is why you must not.

b. statement necklace = stud earrings or no earrings

For the same reason as above

c. Bangle and rings moderation is always stylish

To make no mistake: put a bangle  on one wrist and a ring on the opposite hand

d. Bangle and rings layering can be stylish only if appropriately worn

Avoid the bling effet (strass+ gold + chunky…). You are not a rich lady displaying her wealth on her hands.

Prefer delicate layering:  very thin bangles with precious materials for instance.

Or a a lot more bohemian layering: stacked bracelet in different fabrics and colors

Always stay measured or…you’ll overdose

I am a lot more of a jewel moderate person. I think those bangle mixes are most of the times too much. I barely found any pretty ones on pinterest. note that they are flattering only on tiny wrists and fingers.

4. Conclusion

Remember that what I write unbreakable rules but advices to be easily stylish.

Some can be proven wrong: I just come back from the Dries Van Noten exhibition at Le Musée des arts décoratifs in Paris and on lots of the outfits he adds a colorful chunky necklace on a complicated dress… which looks amazing! because because he chooses colors of the same hue, contrasted colors and fabrics, because the necklace has been designed especially for the dress… for lots of reasons, that reminds us why he is such a talented designer.

However, on a everyday basis when you are your own stylist, it is easier to follow basic tricks such as those I just gave

I’ll come back with a lot more certain advices on jewelry in further posts.

Stay tuned!

Bises de Paris

Cover collage:  Monsieur Paris bracelet, reine Rosalie necklace, Eddie Borgo bracelet, Venessa Arizaga bracelet, Anton Heunis earrings

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