My New york city good friends, have you gone outside today? It is uh, interesting available. The temperature is hovering right around 37 degrees, with an actually soggy mix of rain and snow dropping frequently from the skies.

Ahhh, the wintery mix. It’s chilly, it’s damp– it’s definitely miserable. Obtaining dressed on a day similar to this can be exceptionally irritating– leading to either being as well chilly, as well hot or totally saturated. What’s denim-lover to do?

Layering! Hats! Boots!

I hit just the best mix by using layers I can remove as I warm up. I started with an ultra-preppy tartan plaid shirt (last seen here) and also added my Madewell cableknit and also a tweed coat. Most importantly– a teemed hat (similar to this one) and high Seeker Boots to keep me dry (these are the original high in green). The glue that holds all of it together? Super-skinny black denims. I admitted last week that I’m frantically on the quest for a fabulous new set, however, for today– these will do! I believe they provide simply the smallest little gloss to a pretty casual as well as functional appearance.

* Boots were a gift of the brand.

[Photos by Amanda Boyce]
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