Kirkland canine food update: guy admits food did not kill his canine

The man that started a rumor that Kirkland signature canine food killed his canine has admitted the information was not true.

“We desire to amend our previous publishing concerning the death of our dog, Moe,” Larry Gejdos published on his Facebook page over the weekend.

“We no longer have any type of reason to believe Kirkland signature Pet Foods contributed to his death. If you shared my earlier post, please share this as well. say thanks to you.”

The rumor started a few weeks back when Gejdos published on Facebook that Moe had died because of “salmonella poisoning” from Kirkland’s lamb as well as rice blend bought at a Costco.

The publish rapidly had much more than 100,000 shares on Facebook.

I asked Costco as well as Kirkland signature about this rumor, and representatives with both companies confirmed there are no present recalls on the food.

As always, canine owners ought to comprise their own minds, however my viewpoint is that it’s completely risk-free to continue feeding your dogs Kirkland signature food if that is the food of your choice.

Do you have any type of issues about feeding your canine Kirkland signature food?

Also note that dogs typically don’t get ill from salmonella unless they are already ill as well as have weakened immune systems. See my post. Will my canine get ill from salmonella?

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