Prescription Pills on a Purse, Anyone?






With the holidays upon us, having a excellent handbag for every celebration is a must.  Turns out, there’s one that’ll not only bring my belongings, but will 1) serve as a reminder to take my inner ear infection antibiotics as well as 2) set me back $55,000 (as if).

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Seriously, folks.  The Olsen twins are at it again, this time releasing their restricted edition luxury handbags from their fashion line, The Row, that function (deep breath) colorful prescription pills adhered to black patent crocodile leather.  Sure, proceeds go to UNICEF (a fantastic thing) however I can’t assist making that scrunched nose “eewww” face every time I see a pic of the “luxury” product as well as its INSANE cost tag.

One part of me thinks the bizarre style is some twisted inside joke between the twins as well as the choose few who can’t wait to, um, swallow up this must-have bag created by artist Damien Hirst.  I get all “for shame” as well as “tsk tsk” on myself with thoughts that the style is glamorizing medication use.  other times, I look at it as well as believe of unusual looking cupcake sprinkles (very jumbo ones) on a layer of dark frosting.  Maybe I’m just craving sweets.   Who knows.   Either way, it sure makes a statement. A extremely costly one at that.

FYI, the bags go on sale online starting December 12.

So, ladies, what are your thoughts?

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