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While you’re out shopping for new summer flops, take a moment to pay homage to the ones you wore down to the nubbins at last year’s beach parties. then thank the people at Uncommon Goods who are selling amazing products made from the waste at flip-flop factories. Using every part of the rubber, these baskets, nesters and our favorite – doormats also place a splash of solid color in your home (bolds are stunning best now, ya’ know).

For twenty bucks you can pick up the small doormat, which will last for years given the sturdy, washable materials. If you want to super-size, then you’ll need to shell out forty for the big one. We loooove that the doormat doesn’t need to be swept or vacuumed. We also delight in the Kafkaesque element of, “Hmmm, my shoes are stepping on . . . shoes.”  We’re wacky like that.

The baskets will set you back a little bit more; the round baskets pictured above are sold as a set for $120. If you’re feeling wealthy, we think these could be optimal for umbrellas and outdoor shoes. After all they’re waterproof and dirt slides best off of these bad boys.

The rectangular nesting baskets also go for $120 a pair. We say (depending on lifestyle choice) one can fill them up with oodles of kid toys or alternately, your kickin’ vinyl collection. Yet another reason to save your old tunes from your next yard sale!

We’ve also seen these around neighborhood boutiques, so if you’re picky about your color scheme (they are made from the scraps so you never know what you’re going to get) go to your local hip yet socially responsible shop and pick up these styling house wares that have been saved from the landfills.

Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

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