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Model/Actress Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley steps out in colored leather pants. try it!

There’s no question about it:  leather pants are a trend-turned classic. everybody from PTA moms to celebrities can pull off a leather pants outfit by choosing the right coordinating pieces

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Want your look to be edgy? Check. leather pants can do that. Looking for ultra sophistication? Yep, they can do that too. exactly how about fun-loving chic? sure thing.

And, leather requirement not be harmful to animals or grossly uncomfortable. That’s right — we’re all about faux leather here. It has that exact same luxe look for less, as well as with no furry friends involved.

Still not convinced leather pants are for you? No worries — just take a peek below at our preferred leather pants outfits below, as well as glimpse over our styling advice before you head out. The info may come in handy. You know, for a friend.

How to style leather Pants

1.  Go faux.

Real leather is well, genuine leather. as well as that means it’s pricey as well as heavy as well as involves wearing the skin of animals. Faux leather pants are cheaper as well as look like the genuine deal.

2. Wear color.

Leather pants requirement not be “I’m in a rock band” black to look cool. Be open to ditching the dark as well as making your style pop with a dose of color.

Black works if that’s your comfort zone. however it’s so expected. altering it up makes a huge statement.

3.  understand that leather doesn’t have to be tight.

Tight leather pants may have been the thing for 80’s hair bands. however IRL, most ladies don’t requirement to look like they just finished filming a Whitesnake video.

If the pants are as well tight, you won’t be comfortable with the method you feel or with the method you look. discover a pair that fits right for your body. believe skinny jeans type fit at the tightest. Don’t cross over into leggings territory.

4. Break things up.

This outfit? No. Please, no.

Just since you discovered the perfect pair of leather pants doesn’t mean you have to show your excitement with matching leather tops as well as leather accessories. You’re not attending Bat lady tryouts. There’s no requirement to be in head-to-toe leather mode.

Temper your shiny legs with a loose cotton sweater or a girly blouse.

All of these combos — yes.

5.  simplicity into leather.

If the concept of leather pants intrigues you, however you concern about pulling it off, keep in mind two things. One, you can pull it off. I believe in you. as well as two, you can always begin with leather-trimmed pants. A leather stripe down the side seam, for example, would be a great start. infant steps, conventional fashionista!

Faux leather Pants We Love


Don’t Cry Casual Pants in Bronze, $44, Yoox

Color Blocks

Block Off Faux leather Pants, $36, NastyGal


PU Pants Pink, $47.95, NA-KD

Tried as well as true Black

Don’t Cry Casual Pant in Black, $40, Yoox

Baby step Strip

I.N.C. Curvy Faux-Leather-Stripe Skinny Pants, $37.50, Macy’s

Track Pant Inspired

BLANKNYC Track Stripe Faux leather Pants, $39.20, Bloomingdale’s

Ladies, what are your thoughts on leather pants?

This publish about exactly how to wear leather pants was written in 2013, as well as updated in January, 2019.

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