Measuring Dogs: “Why Guess? Be Accurate!” (1944)

My publish of January 26 shared two pairs of canine booties from the 1940s as well as 1950s.  The earlier pair was offered by the U.S. Specialties Co. of new York City, a rather mysterious firm that wholesaled a broad range of pet products in the 1940s, 1950s as well as 1960s.  As I discover much more about the company, I’ll share it in future posts.  however right here is an item that they really offered to pet stores as well as “kennel shops” like the Macy’s Kennel shop I discussed in my publish of February 13.

Dog Measuring Chart, 1944.  U. S. Specialties, Co. new York City.  Cardboard as well as white metal.
The canine Measuring chart is a wheel with a cutaway that enables the individual to choose a particular canine breed (in the outer black sound printed on the card) as well as discover the suitable measurements for collars, harnesses as well as coats for that breed.  The useful diagram of a rough-coated fox terrier shows the individual where to determine the dog.  It likewise discusses the differences in measuring collars made in England, instead of American ones.

The other side of the card provides an incredible range of illustrations for products offered by the U. S. Specialties Co. It shows toys, devices as well as supplies for both cats as well as dogs.  The feline supplies include an early litter tray, catnip mice, a scratching publish as well as a packet of “Vo Toys” catnip that I illustrated in my publish of January 16.  (I understand — amazing!)

Back of canine Measuring Chart.
The canine product includes a good wicker bed as well as one more folding bed that appears like a little bed for people, leashes as well as collars, as well as an range of toys.  It likewise includes a number of pieces of canine clothing.  (I’m working some messages on canine clothing, as well as I’ll return to this chart in that.)  as well as in the upper left corner is the “Doggy Xmas” stocking, full of bones as well as toys.

There’s a great deal to “chew over” in this fascinating object!  It definitely makes me rethink the nuances of “wartime austerity.”   Meat may have been rationed, however canine garments obviously was not!



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