Richard Goodwin, Los Angeles “Dog Specialist” of the 1920s, part I

satisfy Richard Goodwin, pet dog Specialist.  This is a deal with that appears like its owner has been around as well as seen a few things….stylish fedora as well as bow tie aside.

I bought this little book (it’s only 5 inches by 4 inches in size) a while ago, as well as over the holidays I began to look into the story of Richard Goodwin, whose photograph suggests that he was what may be termed a “character.”   What I’ve found so far states says something about the improvisational nature of much of the nascent pet industry, however it’s likewise an entertaining — if incomplete — story of an opportunistic person who clearly serviced the far edges of show service as well as had sufficient skill for self-promotion.

Richard Goodwin left a thin, however intriguing, path of newspaper articles as well as advertisements from his evident arrival in Los Angeles in 1915 up until his death in 1931.  He very first appears in the 16 April 1916 problem of the Los Angeles Times, in an post titled “How to treat Animals:”

Richard Goodwin, whose four trained dogs have been features on the streets of Los Angeles for months past, as they bring marketing costumes, pipes in their mouths, etc. spoke before the Loreto-street institution Friday on “Proper care as well as treatment of Animals.”

The talk, which included pet dog techniques (not the normal kindness-to-animals public lecture, this)  was by invitation of the Parent-Teacher association, which likewise “requested” that Goodwin speak at other institutions as well as “in the orphanages.” The pictures below, from the 1928 booklet, suggest what both passersby as well as the audience for this talk saw.

One of the dogs, “His Master’s Choice,” was featured in a 13 January 1918 Los Angeles Times post under the headline “Dog assists to offer the war cost savings Stamps.”  The dog, whose name was really Spike, used a signboard.  Goodwin made at least a few of his living from the “world’s champion marketing dog,” however was contributing his services to the war stamps sales effort.

“The Nation’s Pride” as well as “His Master’s Choice” were either Boston terriers or a associated cross. In 1917, Goodwin began to run periodic ads for stud services from purebred Boston terriers with the address 1668 W. Washington Street, a fairly new residential community in the 1910s (now a poor, predominantly Latino community in central Los Angeles).  From this kennel, Goodwin obviously likewise did pet dog doctoring, as well as he got his hand slapped for this. In 1919, the society of Veterinarians of southern California filed a problem against Goodwin for “practicing veterinary medicine without a license,” as well as he was fined $60 after pleading guilty (“Veterinary Practice,” Los Angeles Herald 9 April 1919, p. 17).

This momentary setback did not stop Richard Goodwin from establishing as well as publicizing his business. In December 1919, he contributed a “$1000 Puppy,” which appears like another  Boston terrier in the blurry on the internet newspaper photograph, to the authorities relief association auction. An advertisement in the Automobile Club of southern California’s driving guide Spanish California as well as the Gold rush uses a sense of the range “Richard Goodwin’s Sanitary Kennels” as well as the ambitions of their owner: “Dogs Trained, Boarded as well as Treated.” “Three professional Veterinarians in Attendance.” “High institution for Dogs.”  The concept of a “sanitary kennel” was crucial to well-informed  pet dog owners at this time:  there was still no treatment for distemper, for example, as well as recommendations books of the age are universal in recommending tidiness as particularly crucial to successful rearing of puppies.

A scattering of classified advertisements track Richard Goodwin’s Sanitary Kennels with the mid-1920s, however none of these mention the line of remedies that are promoted in bit book as well as I have been not able to discover anything a lot more about this period.  things begin to modification in 1927, however, when yet one more little advertisement in the L.A. Times urges visitors to send for “Richard Goodwin’s pet dog Book.”  as well as this is when things begin to get particularly interesting, as the book’s text as well as illustrations suggest.

I’ll offer part II of Richard Goodwin’s story as my next blog post.

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