A sufferer of feline Hypnosis (1904)

satisfy Sport, whose cross-eyed portrait graced the Indianapolis news On June 11, 1904.

I was doing research study on something else completely (a future post) when my combination of keywords led me to this treasure. I had to share it!  The tongue-in-cheek short article reported that Sport, a Scotch terrier had by an Indianapolis grocer, had experienced a youthful encounter with a cat:  “Long did the feline hold his frightened gaze, the pup powerless to break the spell.  because then, people who understand sport say, he has been cross-eyed.”

All feline owners have experienced the efforts that our home adversaries as well as master manipulators make to hypnotize us.  It’s a widely known hazard of feline ownership.  bad sport never had a chance….

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