Vo toys Catnip Leaves: “Makes Cats Playful”

This nearly empty envelope for Vo toys Catnip most likely dates from the 1940s.  I have written before (16 October 2014) about the creation of the catnip mouse in the 1910s. When a home had an herb garden, catnip or catmint was a valued standard medicinal herb utilized to soothe digestive upsets.  however people understood that cats were prone to its active ingredient, which we now phone call nepetalactone.   loose catnip was offered in drugstores in the past; it is still offered in health and wellness food stores in bulk as well as in teabags as a stomach soother. (It works, too.) around 1900, some business that made over-the-counter veterinary remedies began to offer catnip for cats as a “tonic.”  Pet shops began to include catnip as well as feline toys in their stock, although  the genuine take-off point for feline products is the 1940s as well as 1950s, the age of this packet. (See my publish of 26 December 2017, on the mail-order catalog from Felix’s general store as well as the Katnip Tree business of Seattle, Washington.)

For people who no longer had gain access to to fresh catnip, packets like this, offered in pet stores as well as five-and-ten pet departments, might be utilized to “recharge” the wooden as well as rubber spheres with stoppers that were offered as feline toys, or scrubed on one of the new scratching articles used to buy beginning in the 1930s.  A pinch of catnip might likewise be administered directly to the ready subject, of course.

Vo toys Catnip packet, 1940s.
Vo toys (now Vo-Toys, Inc. ) was established in 1939 as well as is still around as a supplier of pet products including, of course, catnip toys for today’s feline consumers.

But the primary reason that I’m sharing this now is, I just truly like the style on the front of the packet!  particularly the red feline lounging across the word “catnip” while his companions play with catnip leaves.


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