Happy fifth Gotcha Day, Baxter!

July 7 marks five years of Baxter being part of our family. Years back I was influenced by Tracey at like lives on to compose a letter to Baxter each year on his gotcha day. right here are the letters from year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4 as well as Baxter’s adoption story.

Dear Baxter,

In this family, we do things together. That means difficult times, great times, routine times–we’re a unit. I’m so grateful for the many methods you’ve been there for whatever our bit household has gone with over the past year.

You’ve taught me acceptance–of people, of situations, of life. You adapt, go with the flow as well as do what is needed—even if you may not be thrilled when your walk is cut short since the infant is tired of being in her stroller.

I was uncertain of exactly how you’d be with your new sister, as well as I desired terribly for you to be okay with being a huge brother. I’m so proud of exactly how gentle you are with Ellie. I’ve done my finest to assist you adjust, however you’ve done most of it yourself. You are naturally kind as well as caring, as well as I feel so lucky that we discovered you all those years ago.

We’ve had a great deal of joy over the past year, as well as we’ve likewise had some difficult times. You’ve waited patiently alone at house with long days or willingly went to Grandma’s as well as Grandpa’s. You’ve listened to us during walks as we discuss our fears as well as our hopes. You stand by me during tough days when I bury my teary deal with in your fur.

I concern sometimes that I’m not providing you my best. Not sufficient hikes, not sufficient scratches, not sufficient fetch, not sufficient conversation. However, you never seem to hold that against me. You take what I can provide you as well as wait—mostly patiently—for your turn.

You accept circumstances as they come. as well as you accept me without judgment. You are a great example for me. say thanks to you for five wonderful years.


What have you discovered from your dog? exactly how do you celebrate your dog’s birthday or adoption anniversary?

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