How to show Your pet dog to Howl or Sing on Command

have any of you taught your dogs to howl on command?

This is a fun “trick” you can show some dogs a lot more easily than others.

Although, some dogs are naturally a lot more vocal so maybe you don’t want to encourage them to howl a lot more than they already do! ?

My pet dog Ace is not much of a barker, so the first time we got him to howl, I think he was just as shocked to hear his own howl as we were.

The following are my ideas for teaching a pet dog to howl/sing on command, but let me know how you taught your pet dog in the comments.

How to show your pet dog to howl or sing

Here’s what we did … I think of there are other, better, ways.

1. Our pal Justin started “howling” to get Ace to howl.

2. Ace howled too!

3. We started using the cue “sing” and rewarded him with praise and food.

Today, Ace will howl when we use the “sing” command, but he’s reluctant to do it and I’ve pretty much trained him to howl once I start growling first. ? Then, once he gets started “singing,” he doesn’t want to stop!

Here’s a video:

Ace gets a little stressed out and is reluctant to “sing,” but he gets rewarded with pepperonis, so don’t feel too bad for him!

Other tips to show a pet dog to “sing”:

1. Some dogs may be tempted to bark instead of howl. just neglect the barking and reward your pet dog for even the tiniest howl.

2. It may be much easier to show “sing” if your pet dog already knows “speak” (bark).

3. If your pet dog howls naturally, like when he’s excited, mark the behavior with “sing” and reward him.

4. You may want to show your pet dog a command for “quiet” to get him to stop howling! ?

5. Tilting your head back and making silent growling gestures just might become your dog’s cue, just to alert you. ?

6. have fun with this. It ain’t indicated to be so serious!

How about you?

How did you show your pet dog to howl or sing?

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