Training My Weimaraner – 2021 training Update!

Hello! Here’s a bit update on training my weimaraner, Remy! He will turn 5 years old in February! I like to compose these training updates to document our development over the years. I likewise believe it’s practical to remind other dog owners that training is ongoing. You’re never truly done.

In the comments below, please let me understand what you’re working on with your dog this year. as well as what you accomplished last year!

So, right here is our training update.

Training my Weimaraner – 2021 update!

First, right here are five things we accomplished in 2020. then I’ll let you understand what we’re working on going forward.

I had to truly believe about what we accomplished in 2020 however it was really a lot!

1. We went into our very first ever agility trial!

In January 2020, Remy as well as I went into our very first NADAC agility trial. I kept it simple as well as only signed as much as run four times over two days. We got our very first qualifying run in “Intro Tunnelers.” As you may assume, this is a program of mainly tunnels!

A qualifying run basically means the dog ran a clean course, hitting the challenges under the needed time limit. three of our four runs were not qualifying runs since Remy skipped an challenge (my fault, I’m sure).

Overall, I was truly proud of exactly how we did. Remy was focused on me (not always the situation during practice) as well as we truly tried our best. the most embarrassing part was when he FLEW over the “A-frame” challenge as well as the judge promptly disqualified us for security reasons. It was my fault for not slowing him down. He gets amped!

2. We joined our regional bird dog training group.

We went to four training weekends over the summertime with our regional NAVHDA chapter. Remy got to retrieve his very first birds as well as I discovered the fundamentals of training a pointing dog for hunting. I was waaay out of my aspect right here so just the truth that I showed up was a significant achievement for me!

Pretending we understand what’s up

I composed a detailed publish about our bird dog training with NAVHDA here.

3. We went to a hunting dog seminar.

In August, I signed us up for a foundation seminar with Rick Smith, a legendary fitness instructor in the bird dog world.

This was two full days of training for pointing dogs that included obedience, getting our dogs to focus as well as some bird work. It was a weekend of nonstop training as well as focus as well as Remy as well as I both discovered a lot.

4. training my weimaraner to “fetch” as well as “drop.”

This will always be a work in development for Remy. He gets possessive of random products like socks, tissues as well as pieces of trash, however I did make a great deal of development over the summertime by utilizing a clicker as well as treats.

It was basically “click” as well as “treat” for each bit thing he did right, trying to modification his response to his “triggers.” He still tries to take socks, however he will usually decrease them now for a treat instead of clamping down or trying to swallow them.

We still have a great deal of work to do with “fetch” also since he gets excessively excited as well as possessive over balls, frisbees as well as training bumpers. however I’ve been working with a long leash, a clicker as well as treats for this too. He’s much better however he’s still crazy.

5. We grasped hitting the “contact” areas on agility obstacles.

Dogs are needed to touch a “contact” area on specific challenges such as the “A frame” as well as the “dog walk.” As I mentioned earlier, this was a issue for us at our very first trial since Remy flew over the get in touch with spots. In his defense, I had not taken the time to teach him to hit the contacts.

Remy on the A-frame

First, I utilized a board in my garage as well as taught Remy the command “spot” which means get your paws on that get in touch with “spot.” We then transferred that idea to the agility challenges as well as now he does quite well hitting the contacts. He still tries to speed on by when he’s excited however we’re doing so much better.

Going ahead – training my Weimaraner in 2021

In 2021 I’ll be trying to enhance on what I discussed above, however right here are a few of the other areas I’m focused on. These are really some training basics!

1. Heeling as well as loose leash walking.

We do a sport called canicross where Remy pulls me while I run. This is a great deal of fun as well as a excellentworkout! I absolutely like canicross! Some people do this sport on skis!

Canicross running!

However, this year I would lastly like to teach my dog that pulling is not okay when the leash is connected to his collar. Pulling in the harness is OK. Pulling in a collar is not OK!

Yes, it seems so simple however it is oh so difficult for my dog. most likely the hardest thing to teach him.

So … I really hired a one-on-one fitness instructor to find assist me with heeling. It will only assist us.

I may likewise indication us up for a fundamental obedience class with one more regional trainer. If we take their 5-week obedience class, then we can go to their “pack walks” which would be extremely practical for us. That method we can work in an “exciting” atmosphere with great deals of distractions.

I likewise signed up for an on the internet loose-leash walking program that I can work with at my own pace. So I’m really taking comments from three separate trainers!

See my post: exactly how to stop a dog’s pulling

2. training my weimaraner to find when called!

I requirement to devote more time to working with Remy on “come.” He’s improved some however he is not where I’d like him to be.

His collar broke off just recently in our front lawn as well as instead of coming when called he chased after a lady walking by as well as she was NOT happy! She was extremely scared of him as well as thankfully he did not jump on her. I had to walk over as well as grab him. super embarrassing.

When we went to the bird dog training over the summer, he likewise ignored me while off leash.


I mean, he ran numerous lawns around me, totally ignoring my cues. It was sufficient of an problem where one of the leaders pulled me aside as well as said, “You’ve got to get that dog under control.” And, “He doesn’t come when called.”

Sigh …

In Remy’s defense, we were expecting as well much from him in that situation. I should’ve kept him on his long inspect cord that day, so truly it was my fault for setting him up for failure.

But … at least it’s remove where we requirement to put in some work!

See my post: exactly how to get your dog to find when called

3. enhance fetch as well as drop.

Like I said, Remy has some possessiveness problems with toys as well as other products so this has to be an continuous focus. I’ll make a point to keep working with him on a long leash, with treats.

4. Agility weave poles.

We have not spent much time on discovering the weave poles so I plan to lastly do this in 2021. We don’t have our own weave poles however we are so lucky we can head to our agility club’s method barn anytime we want to utilize their equipment. It’s only about 20 minutes away.

I will most likely indication up for an on the internet program to assist us master the weave poles. Here’s the program I’m looking at, in situation you’re interested.

5. “Go to your bed.”

Remy is an extremely excitable dog, particularly during greetings so I’ve been working with him on “place” or “go to your bed.”

He needs to discover to settle there even with huge distractions as well as for longer periods. Again, this is a work in development with my excitable maniac!

Training my Weimaraner – other updates:

Training my dog to run on a treadmill. I am trying to train Remy to trot on our new treadmill, however so far he’s not enjoying this. If he doesn’t begin to like it after a few more sessions, I’ll stop. We run as well as walk outside everyday so the treadmill would be more of a mental workout for him anyway.

Second agility trial. This month we are entering our second ever agility trial, a full year after our very first trial. I plan to just have fun as well as see what we can do. I’ve went into us in 12 runs this year instead of 4.

New puppy in 2021!

And last however not least, we are still planning to add a Labrador puppy to our household in 2021! It will most likely be mid to late summertime so our pup is not even born yet. I will compose more about our puppy in the next few months. I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into however it’s fun to believe about! We are on the listing for any type of gender/color combo however this breeder does not have chocolate Labs.

I hope our puppy will make a excellent companion, running & experience buddy, agility dog as well as perhaps some hunting for fun. however we will see!

Now, I’d like to hear from you!

What are you working on with your dog? let me understand in the comments!Here are a few of our past updates on training my weimaraner. It’s been as well long since I’ve written one of these!

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