Guess That Mutt (10 photos)

Can you assumption the mixes of these 10 mixed-breed dogs? They’re all my dog walking clients or former clients, as well as a few of their breeds are understood while some are unknown.

Leave your finest guesses in the comments, together with which pet dog you believe is the most unique. If you have your own mutt photos to submit to the next assumption That Mutt post, send them to

View the solution to last week’s assumption That Mutt publish at the end of this post.

Dog #1 – Bacon (yes, this dog’s name is Bacon!)

Dog #2 – Beyonce

Dog #3 – brick (as in Anchorman!)

Dog #4 – Calvin

Dog #5 – Buster

Dog #6 – Chester

Dog #7 – Maddie

Dog #8 – Charlie

Dog #9 – Millie

Dog #10 – Buddy

Do you have a mixed-breed pet dog you’d like to see featured on assumption That Mutt? send an email to with your dog’s name as well as a picture.

Last week’s answers (view the publish here):Dog #1: unknown, however owner guesses pitbull mix pet dog #2: unknown however owner guesses American Eskimo/Pomeranian mix Dog #3: Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix Dog #4: Lab/pointer mix Dog #5: Lab mix Dog #6: Lab/pointer mix Dog #7: Cairn terrier mix Dog #8: lab mix Dog #9: Cocker spaniel/poodle mix Dog #10: unknown, however owner guesses Chihuahua, Jack Russell, cocker spaniel mix

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