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Five lucky visitors of That Mutt will win a brush

Note: Today I’ve partnered with MIU PET to bring you this publish as well as giveaway.

My pet dog Ace sheds so much worse than other dogs!

I don’t understand if it’s the short coat or if it’s since I don’t clean him sufficient but – My God – our rugs are always coated in black hair from that dog!

For this type of extreme shedding, a basic pet dog clean is worthless, at least for my shorthaired lab mix. His coat is smooth, like a beagle or a wiener dog. (Hey, his DNA test did suggest wiener dog!) He also sheds year round.

So what works for coats like this? A de-shedding tool. I can’t tell you what a difference a de-shedding tool makes. You just have to try it if you haven’t. You carefully clean your pet dog with it as well as the loose hair quickly comes out.

Do you have a severe shedding issue at your house? MIU PET is providing away a complimentary de-shedding tool to 5 visitors of That Mutt. a lot more information here.

What is a de-shedding tool for dogs as well as cats?

A de-shedding tool is a pet comb with a stainless steel “blade” that uses fine bristles to eliminate loose hair as well as significantly decrease shedding.

It can be utilized for dogs as well as cats.

I utilize the exact same size (large) for my cats as well as my 70-pound pet dog so you most likely don’t requirement several brushes for different-sized pets. It is available in medium, big as well as extra-large.

The de-shedding clean from MIU PET works just in addition to the FURminator and normally costs around half the price. buy right here for $13.99.

Brushing each of my family pets for just five minutes when a week makes a big difference in decreasing the amount of loose hair floating around on my floors, furniture as well as clothes.

It likewise cuts down on my dog’s major dandruff. Ace, I like you, however you’re gross!

[quote_center]it makes a big difference in decreasing the amount of loose hair floating around on my floors, furniture as well as clothes.[/quote_center]

Some main features of the MIU PET de-shedding tool

Works to eliminate loose hair on cats & dogs

Removes dead skin too

Has a push button to release the hair from the brush

The brush’s “blade” is available in sizes ranging from medium (2.7″ wide) to large (4.1″) to XL (5.1″)

Highly suggested by me for cats or dogs with short to medium coats (Labs, pitbulls, pointers, German shepherds, even a husky!)

Works just in addition to other brands such as FURminator

More details on the MIU PET de-shedding tool

This specific tool has a button you can push to eliminate the dead hair.

One reason this might be useful is it enables you to clean with one hand as well as hold your pet still with the other hand instead of regularly utilizing your complimentary hand to eliminate hair from the brush.

When you’re trying to clean a squirmy feline or a puppy, you requirement a complimentary hand to assist hold him still!

The push button didn’t work all that well for me, as well as that may be since of my pets’ coat types. That’s okay though, because the primary thing is it works truly well as a de-shedding tool.

By the way, I’m lucky my feline Beamer likes to be brushed!

Order the MIU PET de-shedding tool on Amazon here
Some of the other products from MIU PET include a retractable pet dog leash as well as a pet shower.

What I like about this de-shedding brush:


The big size must work for a lot of pets, even cats. It’s what I utilize for my cats AND my 70-pound dog.

Works truly well for eliminating loose hair!

Reasonable priced at $26.99 on Amazon. currently on sale for $13.99. buy here

No unfavorable evaluations on Amazon since it works great!


What’s not so good:


With any type of de-shedding tool, you don’t want to clean as well difficult or you might irritate your dog’s skin.

Seems to work much better on short as well as medium coats than longer coats.

The “self cleaning” push button didn’t seem to work all that well for me. Regardless, the brush works truly well as a de-shedding tool.


Consider a de-shedding tool for your family pets if:1. You feel like you’re regularly pulling pet hair from your clothes, blankets as well as furniture.

2. It’s as if fur just keeps “falling off” your pet constantly!

3. You’re shocked by the amount of pet hair whenever you vacuum!

4. You’d like to have a great de-shedding choice between expert grooming appointments.

Order the MIU PET de-shedding tool here
Win a complimentary MIU PET de-shedding clean for your pets

*Congrats to the winners: Allison H., Jude, DJ, expense K. as well as Mary B.

MIU PET is providing away a complimentary de-shedding tools to five lucky visitors of That Mutt!

To go into the giveaway:

Just leave a comment below as well as you’ll immediately be went into into the giveaway. let me understand what the shedding circumstance is like at your house!

I’ll select five winners at random on Sunday Feb. 7. need to have a U.S. mailing address to win.

Would you like to win a de-shedding tool?

Let me understand in the comments as well as you’ll be went into into the giveaway.

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