The comfort we sacrifice in the name of fashion

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Yesterday I had dinner with a good friend who claimed she never wore pants for she finds them uncomfortable. exactly how strange did I think.

Then I discover myself typing this short article with my stiff blue jeans cutting my midsection as I sit. To be truthful I am not even paying attention. It is what it is. clothes aren’t always the most comfortable. as well as while I am no masochist, the look is completely worth some minor discomforts to me.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying you ought to be uncomfortable to be stylish. You can be both. however it is a bit challenging as well as there are numerous truly great pieces you shall fail to remember about.

Stiff vintage jeans to begin with.

I agree with Alexa Chung, excellent empress of style, when she declares: “you know, I was talking to somebody the other day about exactly how jeans aren’t really comfortable; it’s a significant fallacy. So, I am still extremely interested in aesthetics”. as well as concludes: “with clothes, I can put up with rather a bit of discomfort”

As part of the “little discomfort to please the aesthetic” team, I will share my own experience of the little sacrifices I am prepared to do in the name of style.

1/ Wear actual shoes rather than sneakers

Whoever tried sneakers knows there are no shoes that can equal their level of comfort.

Problem: when I put them on, I feel heavy as well as style lacking.

That’s a pity though because I love them so much on other human beings than my own (that’s a topic I shall talk about, the clothes we only love on others).

So I stick with by collection of tight as well as heels leather boots that are much more than ok to walk all day whilst being nowhere near the comfort of sneakers (sights).

And have much much more pizzaz (learnt this word, love it).

2/ Wear heels

I am the queen of wandering with Paris on heels.

Oh, not truly high heels by all means.

The comfortable walkable kind.

I do not even believe I am sacrificing any type of comfort! however the concerned looks of my clients who are prepared for a day buying together reminds me that it is not that usual.

Life is simple with little heels. I can tolerate the occasional small slip on cobblestones (then I blush as well as walk away chin up trying to disregard any type of amused looks).

3/ Wear extremely high heels

Not every day of course!

But I should confess they look sooo mesmerizing in the shop some may have ended in my shoe closet.

As I am no monster, I am not going to leave them unworn as well as unfortunate in their cupboard, so, from time to time, I take them out for an event.

Luckily, I am rather skilled to walk smoothly with skyscrapers heels.

Unfortunately, my unpadded feet make me experience after a few hours.

Yet I withstand the desire to eliminate them since I wouldn’t want to lose the allure (and likewise since the floor is sticky with spilled alcohol, let’s be honest).

On the taxi back, I proceed to promise no such shoes will ever go into my wardrobe again… however my Aquazurra search on Vestiaire collective is still registered…

4/ Wear 100% cotton high waisted jeans

For the style as well as the great ass, I am prepared to renounce to huge lunches that do not crush my stomach.

I may be a bit crazy in the end when I believe about it.

5/ Wear waist belt

Same results as the previous item.

6/ Wear minis

And be annoyed when you want to picnic (a genuine problem in Paris).

7/ Wear tights

And have to be sluggish as well as delicate when going out of the filthy Parisian cafés restroom when all you want to do is run outside.

But disclaimer: comfortable tights DO EXIST.

8/ Wear stuff that itch mildly

I try not to do such casting mistakes anymore. however in the past I have purchased a beautiful gown that itches slightly. as well as as it is so lovely, I am prepared to itch a little to have the enjoyment to wear it.

9/ Wear tight blazers

I can’t play tennis in them as well as that’s much more than ok (I don’t play tennis), however I do feel they hinder my movements sometimes. For instance when I go with clothes in a shop. however I can offer with it

10/ Wear genuine old fashion bra with the lace as well as all

I may wear no bra one way, full hardcore genuine bras the day after. since I discover them so gorgeous. Voilà. That’s the only reason.

11/ Wear somewhat heavy earrings

No sufficient to torture me, just sufficient for me to want to eliminate them as soon as I get home.

I even have a pair I am mildly allergic to, however again, I am prepared to deal with the itch in the name of fashion (maybe I am crazy).

Oh as well as yesterday I watched an episode of The crown in which Margaret Thatcher removes her clip-on earrings as wellas discovered that to be so representative of this article’s topic.

12/ Wear mascara

And not be able to rub my exhausted eyes when that’s all I desire for really.

Well, I likewise desire for long lashes as well as doe eyes, so I make my choices.

And in some cases end up panda looking.

13/ Have long hair. 

I did have short hair. They are much easier, no requirement to feed as well as detangle them. So demanding pfff.

14/ Wax

I mainly shave TBH as well as even delight in this smoothing under shower process.

But waxing! Ha! The pain!

Yet I do it in the name of aesthetics (whether decades of criticism towards women’s hair have shaped my aesthetics is one more problem we might talk about later).

15/ Have long nails

As a youngster I was fascinated with my grandma’s long almond shaped shiny red nails.

I wanted some for myself. because I inherited her strong nail genes, I was able to grow infant claws by the prime age of 13 yo which I proceeded to paint pearly blue (aaaah, the 2000’s).

Since then, I on a regular basis indulge in some long nail growth although this is annoying at numerous levels such as pastry making which ends up with having small food storages at the suggestion of my fingers or danger of scratching the damn tights.


By the end of the inventory I am a bit confused.

Am I doing those things for myself? Undoubtedly yes, no one is forcing me, as well as I am comfortable going out makeup totally free or bra less.

I am sure doing them since the aesthetic pleases me as well as no one else.

Yet who shaped this womanly aesthetics that constrain the body? definitely not me I am afraid. It’s the aesthetics of a men’s dominated society. Men do not do half the sacrifices I mention. even the style obsessed ones.

But do I feel those constraints take anything away from me? No. I am prepared to dedicate the time as well as effort for the enjoyment I have in constructing a style I delight in living in.

Do I believe all women shall sacrifice comfort in the name of style? Not at all. This listing is my own. When I work with a client I match her standards of comfort… which typically are higher than mine as well as produce excellent outfits in which she feels she can go with life being both stylish as well as comfortable.

And you? What little discomfort do you accept in the name of style?


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