How to instruct a canine to go to Her Bed

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When to utilize “go to your bed command”

How to instruct a canine to go to her bed

Step #1: Lure your canine to her bed with treats

Step #2: begin utilizing a cue like “place” or “go to your bed”

Step #3: begin enhancing the distance

Step #4: boost the time your canine is needed to stay

Step #5: method distractions

More suggestions for mentor your canine to go to her bed

There are several methods to instruct a canine to go to her bed. The complying with are my own ideas. Please share your own suggestions in the comments.

Teaching a canine to go to her bed (or to her mat or to her kennel) is a extremely helpful command since there are times when we don’t want our dogs invading our personal bubbles!

When to utilize “go to your bed command”

The “go to your bed” command is available in useful in numerous circumstances such as:

When you have visitors over
When you’re eating dinner
When you’re hectic as well as don’t want to be pestered
When you have several dogs as well as requirement them to “chill out”
When you’re working on a job as well as requirement your canine out of the way
To get your active canine to calm down

I selected to utilize the phrase “go to your bed” as a command that implies “go to your bed as well as stay there up until I release you.”

Another choice is just motivate your canine to lie on her bed as well as then provide the command “stay.” I just like to be able to send my canine to his bed so he will go there on his own as well as stay there.

How to instruct a canine to go to her bed

This is a extremely simple idea to instruct a dog. It’s just a matter of consistency on your part.

Step #1: Lure your canine to her bed with treats

Toss treats on your dog’s bed or lure her there with a treat.

If she puts one paw on the bed, state “good” or “yes” or click your clicker as well as provide a treat.

You can provide a few much more treats as long as she has at least one paw on the bed. provide much more treats as well as praise if she moves two paws or all four paws on the bed.

Don’t concern about having her in a sitting or down setting for now.

Pause a moment, toss a treat away from the bed as well as state “ok” or “off” or whatever word you utilize to release your dog.

I utilize “off” for when I want my dogs to step off of something.

My canine Ace

Repeat this a few times for just a few minutes as well as then quit. You don’t want to train for as well long or your canine may get bored.

So at this point your canine is only going to the bed for a few seconds as well as you’re not even utilizing a command/cue yet.

Step #2: begin utilizing a cue like “place” or “go to your bed”

Do the exact same as above, however begin stating a cue like “place” or “go to your bed.”

You can still lure your canine for a couple of training sessions, as needed.

Eventually, begin utilizing your cue. pause as well as wait on your canine to go to her bed. then reward.

Step #3: begin enhancing the distance

You most likely won’t want to begin enhancing the distance up until after a number of training sessions.

Once your canine is happily making a dash for her bed when you utilize your cue, you can begin standing even more away from the bed when you provide your cue.

Up up until this point, you’ve most likely been standing best next to your dog’s bed as well as taking a look at it or pointing at it. So, try to relocation a step or two away from it as well as slowly stop pointing to it (although you can continue pointing, if you don’t mind doing so).

Increase the problem extremely slowly so the canine is successful. If your canine struggles, always go back to an simpler step for a few training sessions.

Remember to keep training sessions short as well as fun, only a few minutes.

Step #4: boost the time your canine is needed to stay

You want to keep utilizing your release cue such as “Ok” or “off” to let your canine understand she can step off her bed.

Up up until now, you’ve most likely only been having her stay on her bed for a few seconds.

Now is the time to slowly begin enhancing that time to 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, as well as so on. utilize your release word as well as praise her for success. always take a step back if she is failing.

Ideally your canine would then stay on her bed for as much as 10 minutes or much more while you’re doing something else however you requirement to extremely slowly work as much as that point. as well as don’t put high expectations on a puppy.

If your canine understands the command “stay” then it’s okay to utilize that to motivate your canine to stay. Personally, I don’t like to utilize “go to your bed” as well as “stay” since “go to your bed” suggests the canine ought to stay. however it’s as much as you.

At first, you’ll only expect your canine to stay on her bed for five seconds while you’re sitting best next to her. provide her treats as well as praise. then release her with “free!”

If your canine doesn’t listen as well as leaves her bed before you release her, just calmly state “no” as well as put her back on her bed. wait a second or two, then release her.

If she’s getting up, then you understand you’re difficult her as well much or perhaps it’s time to take a break from training. likewise view for indications of tension such as scratching around her collar.

Of course, it assists to have a comfy bed your canine likes to spend time on. I suggest the PupRug beds from

Step #5: method distractions

Now you can begin to walk away from the bed. At first, you may take a single step back. then return to your canine as well as release her.

Next, you would take two or three steps. then four. then perhaps you can sit on the couch for 30 seconds. then a minute. Every canine will be different.

Puppies will certainly have a harder time sitting still. Dogs that don’t have strong obedience skills will likewise struggle. Dogs that have a rock-solid down/stay command grasped will have less difficulty with this.

Other distractions you can begin introducing to your canine while she’s staying on her bed:

Run in circles
Toss a toy
Make a knocking noise on the wall
Say “who’s here?”
Prepare a snack for yourself

Obviously, you requirement to go at your dog’s pace.

Be positive. utilize great deals of praise as well as treats. Make sure your canine views her bed as a fun location to hang out.

More suggestions for mentor your canine to go to her bed

Give your canine a special treat when she’s lying on her bed such as a bone or a puzzle toy
Give your canine the “go to your bed” command before you feed her
Give the “go to your bed” command before heading out for a walk
Keep your canine on a leash during training if it helps

How about you? Do you utilize the “go to your bed” command? exactly how did you instruct it?

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