How to Train a Puppy

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Common Puppy training Problems

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Puppy Potty Training

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The fundamental idea is to disregard any type of “accidents” as well as to reward the puppy when she does go outside. This implies you requirement to take her to the exact same area outside extremely often. When I got my new lab puppy, Rip, I was taking him outside to go potty every 30 minutes!

When you can’t supervise your puppy, put him in a kennel or an ex-pen or at least a gated-off area.

I typically do not suggest puppy pads, indoor turf for dogs or newspapers. This adds an extra, unnecessary step as well as teaches the canine to pee indoors.

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Puppy kennel training

Yes, kennel training is an essential aid during potty training since many puppies do not want to pee in their “dens.” A kennel will likewise keep your puppy risk-free (and out of trouble!) when you leave the house.

If you believe “caging” a puppy is wrong, believe of the kennel as a tool for future freedom. Dogs that are kennel trained discover to be calm when left alone. when my canine was about 18 months old, I started leaving him loose in my home since he had discovered to just chill out as well as be calm when I left.

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Puppy crate/kennel training

Leave your puppy alone so she doesn’t establish separation anxiety.

To avoid separation anxiety, make sure to begin leaving your puppy alone for at least 20 minutes right here as well as there every single day. Puppies requirement to discover that it’s okay when you leave. You will always return.

Give your puppy a treat like a Kong toy full of peanut butter, as well as put her in her kennel to be alone for a few minutes even if you are in one more room. You want her to discover to accept this down time as well as perhaps even look ahead to it.

Socializing your puppy

Introduce your puppy to everyone.

You want your canine to be well socialized, so assist her partner positive experiences with everybody she meets.

Allow her to be around adults, youngsters of all ages, babies, old people in wheelchairs, trainees using backpacks as well as people in hats. introduce her to strollers, other dogs of all sizes as well as ages, cats, rollerbladers as well as bikes. Ask different people to provide her treats as well as attention.

Basically, introduce your puppy to any type of type of person she may satisfy during her life. Make sure to inspect with your vet to see if she needs any type of shots before interacting with other animals for her security as well as the security of other pets.

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Puppy exercise as well as leash manners

You don’t have to concern about walking your puppy as well far. It will be extremely apparent when a young puppy is as well tired. She will sit or lie down. however when your puppy is four months old or so, she will begin to be in that unlimited energy stage. You will never be able to walk her as well far!

Make sure you are offering her with sufficient exercise to assist drain that energy. plan on walking her for at least 20 minutes twice per day. This will assist her work out down in her kennel, as well as it will provide her something productive to finish with her energy rather than produce her own “jobs” such as chewing your couch.

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Other typical puppy training issues:

Am I doing whatever wrong with my puppy? (I’m sure you’re doing just fine!)

Should I take my puppy to obedience classes?

Yes! even if you “know everything” about training a puppy, you ought to still enroll in an obedience class to get a head begin on socializing your dog.

Puppy obedience classes are a excellent resource for practicing obedience commands as well as swapping canine guidance while getting your puppy out as well as about in a new environment.

An obedience fitness instructor will likewise assist you with all the fundamentals like exactly how to instruct your puppy to sit, come, stay as well as lie down.

Should I let my puppy on the furniture?

No, unless you are okay with your soon-to-be adult canine on the furniture. begin setting guidelines for your puppy from day one.

Do not enable your puppy to sleep in your bed unless you want your adult canine to sleep in your bed.

I suggest enabling your puppy on the couch or your bed only after you provide consent with a command like “OK” or “Up.” utilize the couch as a reward, not a right.

If your puppy jumps onto the couch without your permission, just push her off as well as make her wait up until you provide her the OK.

It’s much simpler to instruct your puppy to stay off the couch from the beginning than it is to break this practice later when you have a 70-pound, smelly, drooling mutt like mine.

Stick to a routine.

Puppies requirement a routine in purchase to discover what is expected of them in their new environment. It’s essential to establish a routine best away since it avoids poor practices from developing as well as assists your puppy feel secure.

What do I imply by a routine? I imply take your puppy outside at the exact same times every day. Feed her at roughly the exact same times. walk her at the exact same times. play with her every day. Train her every day. Kennel her at the exact same times every day. have her sleep in the exact same location every night.

For much more info, see my publish on setting a routine for your dog.

How commonly ought to I feed my puppy?

Puppies grow a lot, as well as they requirement a great deal of food, so it’s okay to feed them three meals per day. just make sure to feed at particular meal times as well as to put the food away after five minutes.

Do not leave food offered to your puppy whatsoever times. Food is a reward, as well as you want your puppy to see you as a source for food.

If your puppy selects not to eat, don’t add treats or other goodies to the food. just throw the food away or set it aside up until the next meal. She will be hungry by then. utilize her meals as an chance to instruct the puppy her name as well as commands like come, sit, stay as well as down.

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Do not pick your puppy up each time she is scared.

It’s natural for humans to comfort our “babies,” however dogs are not babies. Coddling a puppy only produces an insecure dog. Dogs requirement to discover exactly how to offer with their surroundings. If your timid puppy cowers behind you, the very best thing you can do for her is walk away.

If you pick your puppy up each time she cries as well as wishes to be held, you are gratifying the habits as well as producing a extremely needy as well as frustrating dog. Instead, totally disregard your puppy if she cries as well as pick her up only when she is peaceful as well as calm.

Teach her that she gets affection from you only when she is sitting or lying down quietly as well as patiently.

What puppy training suggestions do you have?

Let me understand in the comments!

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